Powerlifter Jordanne Panton (67.5KG) Deadlifts 235 Kilograms (518 Pounds) in Training, Exceeds USAPL Junior Record


At just 22-years-old, powerlifter Jordanne Panton has built up quite the ledger of accomplishments. It’s her capability with her deadlift that perhaps draws the most acclaim. 

On May 18, 2022, Panton (67.5KG) shared footage of herself deadlifting 235 kilograms (518 pounds) during a training session. Even if it’s unofficial because it occurred outside of a sanctioned competition, Panton’s pull is two kilograms (4.4 pounds) heavier than the current USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Junior Record of 233 kilograms (513.6 pounds). Notably, Panton also holds that mark when she accomplished the pull at the 2022 USAPL Arnold Pioneer Belt Pro Deadlift. 

Panton completed this deadlift using a sumo stance — which is legal in powerlifting — and wore just a lifting belt.

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Panton at a Glance

While she’s one of the sport’s top-rising names now, Panton has been a competitive powerlifter for nearly a decade. She was 14-years-old during the 2013 USAPL Badger Open — her first-ever career competition. In 24 career meets, she has logged a first-place result 18 times for a win rate of 75 percent.

Here’s a rundown of some of Panton’s more notable results from her powerlifting career to date:

Jordanne Panton | Notable Career Results

2015 United Powerlifting Association (UPA) Powerlifting National Championship (W/Wraps) — First place 
2016 USAPL High School Nationals (Single) — First place 
2016 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Sub-Juniors & Juniors Powerlifting Championships (Single) — Second place 
2017 North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Arnold Slingshot Pro American (Single) — First place
2018 USAPL Wisconsin Open State Championships (Single) — First place
2018 USAPL Collegiate Nationals (Single) — First place 
2018 IPF World Sub-Juniors & Juniors Powerlifting Championships (Single) — Second place
2019 USAPL Raw Nationals (Raw) — First place
2020 USAPL Midwest Primetime (Raw) — First place 
2021 USAPL Europa Dallas Showdown (Raw) — First place 
2022 USAPL Arnold Pioneer Belt Pro Deadlift (Raw) — First place | Deadlift only

In addition to her official marks, Panton has made noise with her deadlifts in training before. When the powerlifter pulled 220 kilograms (485 pounds) in February 2020, that exceeded the then-IPF Juniors World Record by 25 kilograms (55.1 pounds). 

Including her fantastic deadlift, here are Panton’s all-time competition bests on each lift:

Jordanne Panton | Top Lift Stats 

Squat — 162.5 kilograms (358.2 pounds) | Raw
Bench Press — 90 kilograms (198.4 pounds) | Raw
Deadlift — 233 kilograms (513.6 pounds) | Raw | USAPL 67.5KG Junior World Record 
Total —  480 kilograms (1,058.2 pounds) | Raw

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What’s Next

After her unofficial record pull, Panton will compete at the 2022 USAPL Mega Nationals. Those will take place on June 7-12, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. With another meet on the horizon, Panton has populated her Instagram feed with many different clips of her training her squat, bench press, and deadlift as she ramps up her preparation. 

Provided Panton can transfer over her recent deadlift prowess to the competition, she may break the 67.5-kilogram USAPL Juniors Record in Nevada again. 

Featured image: @jordannepanton on Instagram

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