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What Are Lupini Beans and Why Haven’t You Heard of Them?!

Lupini beans are legumes that are popular throughout the Mediterranean, and are commonly eaten pickled or as a snack. Also called lupins, they’re sometimes used...

Decadent and Delicious Shakeology Dessert Recipes

By now, you know that Shakeology is powerful superfood nutrition. We meticulously source every ingredient in Shakeology to deliver premium, whole-food-based nutrition to help you...

3 Recipes For A LEAN Body (No cooking skills required)

Do you want to get lean but don't know exactly what to eat? I'm having the solution for you. Not only do I explain...

High Protein Breakfast Recipe For Weight loss Vegetarian | Thyroid Pcos Diet Recipes To...

See my Stuffed Paratha For Weight loss, a Tasty High Protein Breakfast Recipe For Weight loss (Vegetarian) is one of the best ... source

High Protein Palak Khichdi Recipe – Weight Loss – PCOS Diet Recipes To Lose...

Palak khichdi made with thooyamalli rice is a high protein, nutrient dense meal ideal to include in your diabetic, PCOS weight loss ... source
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