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8 Hip Thrust Alternatives to Build Your Glutes and Hamstrings

Although current social media pages might be filled with so-called “glute girls” who prioritize their posterior in the gym, targeting your glutes and hamstrings...

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Team, get ready for 25 minutes of full body HIIT! You can expect no repeat cardio & strength exercises and all you need is...

Kirsty Woods: "burning fat" isn't identical to "ketosis"

Indirect calorimetry. A tongue twister of a word, but a game changer to metabolic health. Kirsty Woods of Metabolic Health ... source

Top 10 Keto Fat Loss Tips

Our Top 10 Keto Fat Loss Tips! We include our top advice for losing excess body fat quickly! THE ART OF FAT LOSS BOOK:...

Ketosis: Using fat for energy instead of sugar

An assignment for Molecular Biology and the Cell (MCB2011) at Monash University in 2018. source
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