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Powerlifter Andrew Hause (140KG) Captures a 467.8-Kilogram (1031.4-Pound) Squat PR During Training

Chances are, if you put a loaded barbell in front of powerlifter Andrew Hause, he’ll have no trouble lifting it. On July 5, 2022,...

4 MILE SWEATY & INTENSE Belly Fat Walking Workout

Are you ready to MELT?! This workout is a "belly fat burn" as we strengthen the ab muscles and keep our heart rate up...

30 MIN CARDIO HIIT WORKOUT – All Standing , Intense Full Body Fat Burn...

Hey everyone! This is a 30-minute STANDING CARDIO HIIT with a mix of strength and cardio exercises. Let's burn calories and ... source

Jay Cutler Names 8 of His Favorite 2023 Mr. Olympia Contenders

Cutler shared his thoughts on a stacked group of competitors. Written by Robert Zeglinski Last updated on June 29, 2023At the time of this...

I Tried The Ketogenic Diet For 8 Weeks (MY RESULTS)

Take the physique quiz and build your best body ever: Premium Quality, Science-Based Supplements: ... source
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