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How to Do Camel Pose in Yoga (Ustrasana)

Camel pose (ustrasana, as it’s known in Sanskrit) seems simple: You kneel down, arch your back, and grab your heels. But this backbend and...

2022 CrossFit Games Day Three Results β€” Tia-Clair Toomey Takes Pole Position

The 2022 CrossFit Games are down to their final two days this coming weekend. Day Three in Madison, WI, was challenging all around. The...

Sore Hamstrings: Main Causes & Prevention Tips

If you’re experiencing sore hamstrings, there are a couple of possible causes. One is the routine result of intense exercise, and the other has...

A Day of Balanced Vegan Meals + Healthy Recipes

My first video in my brand new kitchen! Hope you get some fun recipe inspo and meal ideas from this video. I have a...

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