2023 Rogue CrossFit Invitational Results — Laura Horvath and Patrick Vellner Become Two-Time Champions


Two former winners rise to the top again.

Facing heavy rain and a field of fierce competitors over the course of four days, 2023 CrossFit Games winner Laura Horvath and second-Fittest Man on Earth® Patrick Vellner both became two-time Rogue Invitational champions by winning their respective divisions at the 2023 Rogue Invitational. The current Fittest Woman on Earth® earned her place atop the podium for the second straight year with a dynamite performance at Dell Diamond stadium that included three event victories.

Meanwhile, Vellner just edged out reigning Fittest Man on Earth® Jeffrey Adler to take home the Men’s Individual crown for the second time in four years. Despite dealing with adverse conditions, that didn’t stop the athletes from showcasing their strength, speed, and stamina for the fans who weathered the storm in Round Rock, Texas.

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Here are the final standings for both divisions at the 2023 Rogue CrossFit Invitational:

2023 Rogue CrossFit Invitational Final Standings — Women

Laura Horvath — 780 points (Winner)
Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr — 770 points
Emma Lawson — 650 points
Gabriela Migała — 630 points
Alex Gazan — 590 points
Emma Cary — 550 points
Danielle Brandon — 540 points
Arielle Loewen — 510 points
Dani Speegle — 505 points
Manon Angonese — 460 points
Christine Kolenbrander — 455 points
Lauren Fisher — 420 points
Paige Powers — 405 points
Paige Semenza — 390 points
Emily Rolfe — 330 points
Bethany Flores — 320 points
Karin Freyova — 305 points
Kyra Milligan — 295 points
Shelby Neal — 265 points
Elena Carratala Sanahuja — 235 points

2023 Rogue CrossFit Invitational Final Standings — Men

Pat Vellner — 660 points (Winner)
Jeffrey Adler — 640 points
Roman Khrennikov— 610 points
Brent Fikowski — 610 points
Ricky Garard — 565 points
Travis Mayer — 555 points
Jayson Hopper — 545points
Dallin Pepper — 545 points
Jay Crouch — 540 points
Noah Olsen — 530 points
Jelle Hoste — 485 points
Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson — 475 points
Chandler Smith — 455 points
Lazar Đukić — 445 points
Tudor Magda — 435 points
Bayley Martin — 375 points
Victor Hoffer — 360 points
Will Moorad — 300 points
Garrett Clark — 255 points
Jonne Koski — 10 points

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With nine events that tested their strength and conditioning (as well as their mental fortitude), the CrossFit participants at the 2023 Rogue Invitational deserve tremendous credit for enduring a difficult challenge. While the two winners had a couple of hiccups, both Horvath and Vellner accumulated enough points to emerge victorious and secure lucrative paydays.

Here’s an event-by-event breakdown of how each champion performed:

Laura Horvath 2023 Rogue Invitational Event by Event Performance

Other than struggling to make it through “10th Inning” at the start of Day Two, Horvath had little trouble completing the other eight events on the schedule. In fact, she secured a top-three finish in six of the nine events, including wins in “The Circus,” “Hulk Hands,” and “The Cleanup.”

Of course, the 2023 CrossFit Games winner needed every point to fend off six-time Fittest Woman on Earth® Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, who showed no rust in her first competition since 2021. Ultimately, though, Horvath outlasted her peer in what proved to be a neck-and-neck battle till the very end.

Texas Heavy — Fourth place
Seat at the Bar — Second place
The Circus — First place
10th Inning — 14th place
The Duel III — Second place
Max Deadlift — Third place
Hulk Hands — First place
Big Cat — Fifth place
The Cleanup — First place

Pat Vellner 2023 Rogue Invitational Event by Event Performance

Although he got off to a slow start, Vellner more than made up for his lackluster showing in “Texas Heavy” by rattling off top-three finishes in four of the next five events. That string of standout performances helped him climb atop the leaderboard and maintain a slim lead over Adler, who ultimately came up 20 points shy of the No. 1 spot.

Vellner, a seven-time CrossFit Games competitor who won the Rogue Invitational in 2020, delivered his best performance in “Seat at the Bar.” The Canadian native took home second in the event by completing the 20-15-10 rep scheme of log muscle ups, followed by five back squats of 375 pounds (170 kilograms) in six minutes and 47 seconds. He also demonstrated excellent strength by tying Tudor Magda for the second-highest deadlift with a 595-pound (270-kilogram) pull on Event No. 6.

Texas Heavy — 13th place
Seat at the Bar — Second place
The Circus — Third place
10th Inning — Fourth place
The Duel III — Third place
Max Deadlift — Third place
Hulk Hands — Ninth place
Big Cat — 10th place
The Cleanup — 10th place

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Not only did Horvath and Vellner become multiple-time Rogue Invitational champions over the Oct. 26-29 weekend, but they also became substantially wealthier for their efforts. Finishing ahead of the pack earned them each a record-setting prize purse of $280,304.30. Considering the second-place finishers took home roughly a third of that amount ($97,780.57), it’s safe to say the 2023 Rogue Invitational winners can appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears they poured into their training to prepare for the four-day showdown at Dell Diamond.

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